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Need help choosing a product? We'll cover all you need to know on a variety of topics.

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Read our in-depth articles covering a variety of topics, or contact our team today for specialised advice.

Editor's Picks

nas buying guide

NAS: Buying Guide

Use a NAS to backup your files, stream media or even as a server. We'll explain how to use one, and why you'd want one.

home mesh wifi guide

Home Mesh Wi-Fi Guide

Learn how to use Home Mesh Wi-Fi to get rid of network deadspots. Enjoy fast, stable Wi-Fi no matter where you are in your home.


Learn how to choose a fast router and modem, and get rid of pesky deadspots.

nbn router guide

NBN Routers [Buying Guide]

If you have the NBN or are looking to upgrade to an NBN-capable router, this guide is for you.

modem router buying guide

Modem & Router [Product Finder]

We'll ask a series of questions to help find the right modem and router for you.

mesh wifi buying guide

Home Mesh Wi-Fi [Product Finder]

Let our product recommendation tool help select a Mesh Wi-Fi system that suits you.


All you need to know about NAS systems and portable storage.

nas product finder

NAS Hard Drives [Buying Guide]

URead about the advantages of NAS Hard Drives compared to standard HDD & how to choose the right HDD for your NAS.

nas buying guide

NAS [Buying Guide]

Learn how to choose a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.

sd card buying guide

SD Card [Buying Guide]

Find out what SD Card speed, size and type you need for your devices.


Covering a variety of topics such as desktops, monitors and home security.

desktop pc buying guide

Desktop [Buying Guide]

Whether for home, office or gaming, a powerful desktop is a must for productivity.

monitor buying guide

Monitor [Buying Guide]

We explain the differences in size, panel type, and more.

laptop buying guide

Laptop [Buying Guide]

Choosing the right laptop processor, screen and battery life is easier than you think.

voip phone buying guide

VoIP Phones [Buying Guide]

Considering VoIP for business? This guide will explain what you need to know.

printer buying guide

Printer [Buying Guide]

Print smarter, not harder. We'll walk through types, ink prices and more.

arlo buying guide

Arlo [How To Guide]

Get started with Arlo the easy way. Learn how to set up, maintain and configure Arlo.