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Home Mesh Wi-Fi


Home Mesh Wi-Fi systems are designed to eliminate Wi-Fi deadzones in your home. If you have weak signal reception in particular areas of your house, you might want to consider a Mesh system.


Small & Medium Homes

Small Home

Medium Home


NBN Routers


Maximise your speed with our range of NBN routers. If you're looking for fast speeds, you'll want at least an AC (Wi-Fi 5) router. For those looking to step up, an AX Wi-Fi 6 router will ensure your network is future-proofed for many years to come.


4G LTE & 5G Routers


Take Wi-Fi anywhere with 4G and 5G routers. Battery operation ensures the ultimate flexibility. And in the event of cable internet failure, you can switch seamlessly to your mobile carrier network without even blinking an eye.


Gaming Routers


Designed to maximise your gaming experience, these routers come with QoS and smart features to ensure a smooth and stable connection. Say goodbye to ping and lag with our range of wireless gaming routers.


Gaming Routers on Sale


Wi-Fi Extenders


A Wi-Fi extender will expand your connection range, and it's simple to get started. While not as seamless as a Mesh System, they can be cheaper to set up. Shop our variety of extenders on sale.


Network Switches


Our range of network switches are designed to meet your needs. From PoE switches, ProSafe switches and more, we've got you covered. Why not shop the range?



PoE Switches

Netgear ProSafe

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