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 Enterprise Hard Drives

Exos X Series

The most scalable drives in the datasphere, Exos X series hard drives integrate the latest technology in support of a secure and reliable cloud data centre.

Scalable. Responsive. Innovative.

Powerful performance and proven reliability make Seagate’s Exos X20 drives the most sought after in our datasphere, with over 25,000 — and counting — drives deployed by leading cloud service providers, the Exos X20 offers extreme market-leading capacity and has earned customer confidence by delivering trusted peace of mind.

Exos X20

Designed for maximum storage capacity and the highest rack-space efficiency, delivering up to 20 TB capacity.

Exos X20
Exos X18

Exos X18

Get more storage with market-leading, high-capacity 18 TB drives, a 550 TB/yr workload rating, and 2.5M-hr MTBF to meet the most demanding requirements.

Exos X16

Delivering up to 16 TB capacity among the highest storage densities in the datasphere, with exceptional performance and efficiency.

Exos X16


 Enterprise Hard Drives

Exos E Series Hard Drives

Purpose-built for enterprise applications and workloads.

Exos 7e10 - Exos7e8

Trusted. Efficient. Versatile

For everything Enterprise storage, there's Exos E — the safest and most powerful way to traverse the datasphere and harness its full potential. Always on and always working, the Exos E series of hard drives is loaded with advanced options for optimal performance, reliability, security and user-definable storage management. Built on generations of industry-defining innovation, Exos E is designed to work and perform consistently in enterprise-class workloads.

Exos 7E10

Specifically designed to address theneeds of storing unstructured data cost-effectively.

Exos 7E10 Device Storage

Exos 7E8

Offer bulk data storage for data centre infrastructures requiring a highly reliable enterprise hard drive.