Device Deal ships orders by Local & international couriers

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DeviceDeal Shipping Rates:

Shipping estimations can be previewed inside the DeviceDeal online shop system. On each product page below the product pricing you will find a shipping calculator by entering the quantity of product and postcode you can see a shipping estimate.


Varying Shipping Costs:

Our shipping estimates are not always accurate, especially for regional areas with limited delivery options. If you live in a regional area or have had shipping issues when ordering online in the past, we encourage you to contact our sales team for a shipping quote prior to purchase. If you process the order before you contact us we are happy to contact you to discuss shipping costs. If an agreement cannot be reached, we can provide a full refund.

Examples of why shipping costs may vary:

Shipping Dispute Resolution Procedure:

DeviceDeal work closely with our shipping partners to deliver orders as quickly as possible. We understand that unfortunately, from time to time problems with shipments may occur, rest assured, we will work with you to resolve these situations as quickly and fairly as possible. Our resolution procedure is as follows:


Step 1: Work with our shipping partners to confirm expected shipping dates and communicate that information to our customers

Step 2: Determine when a delivery falls outside expected timeframes

Step 3: Create an investigation with our shipping partner to determine the reason for an issue that has occurred

Step 4: Follow up with our shipping partner and communicate relevant information to our customers

Step 5: If a delivery has been deemed as lost by our shipping partner we will communicate this to our customer and offer a resolution in the form of a replacement or refund for the lost item.


Please note: We are unable to process refunds for lost/missing or delayed orders until an investigation has been raised and completed with our shipping partner. We understand that this can be frustrating and a major inconvenience however we require investigations to be complete before we can provide a resolution.

Delivery Time Estimations:

There are two parts to our delivery time estimations: the Processing Time & the Actual Shipping Time.

-     The processing time is the time taken preparing the order for dispatch, this may involve transferring stock from interstate warehouses or safely packaging multiple items together. Depending on how busy our warehouse is, processing times may vary. Examples of longer processing times are during the Christmas rush and


Shipping Zones

By Express

By Standard Post

Asia and New Zealand

2-3 Days

5-10    Days


3-4 Days

10-15  Days


1-2 Days

 3-7     Days

North America

2-3 Days

10-15  Days

South America

3-4 Days

10-15  Days

Middle East

3-4 Days

7-12    Days


3-5 Days

15-20  Days


Are packages insured? 

All orders shipped by DeviceDeal are insured and can be tracked online. Once your goods are sent out, we will email you with a tracking number so you can trace your delivery any time you want. If your item/s are confirmed as lost or damaged by our courier we will arrange to reship your order in consultation with you.

How can I trace my order? 

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us. In this email, there should be the tracking information for your packages as well as the website in which you could trace your order. If your tracking number doesn’t work, you can contact our sales team for them to review the shipping information.


International Customers:

Please note that import charges, known as the import duty, and the taxes levied upon all imported electronic items differ from country to country. We, therefore, strongly recommend that you should check with your respective customs authorities within your country to know the charges, if any, before you place an order with us. We are more than happy to quote any specific information required by the authorities on our invoices or on the shipments to ensure a smooth customs formality and easy clearance of the shipment. We further bring to your notice that all the shipping charges including dispatching and/or returning the purchased items will be borne by the buyer in case the buyer wishes to return the items due to the levied duties or taxes in their country.