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Netgear Orbi

The Best Mesh WiFi.


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Device Deal is a Netgear Authorised Reseller. We only sell the Australian version of Netgear Orbi products that are compliant to the Australian standards along with official Netgear warranty.

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Local warranty and support.

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4.8 rating from 10K+ reviews.

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Shipping insurance included.

Netgear Orbi Trade-In Program

We buy back your old Orbi routers and reimburse you with store credit. You can use your credit to upgrade to a newer, faster Orbi model with a hefty discount on our sale price.

Netgear orbi trade in program

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Orbi Pro WiFi 6 (for Business)

Orbi Pro combines fast Mesh WiFi technology with business-grade performance. Advanced WiFi 6 and Tri-Band technologies bring blazing fast speeds, higher capacities & up to 4x bandwidth. Plus, protect your network with Netgear's enterprise-level security features.

With support for WPA4 wireless security protocols, 4 SSIDs for secure networks and VLAN management, you'll never have to worry about WiFi again.

Orbi Pro is the secure, fast & capable networking solution your business deserves.

orbi pro for business
Netgear Orbi WiFi 6
The most powerful ever!

Four times
more capacity


Increase in
data throughput


Big speed



Award-winning Mesh Routers

Orbi is perfectly engineered to ensure a faster, superior connection for all your devices. Provide seamless WiFi across any size home. No more dead zones, dropped connections or buffering.

  • WiFi 6 provides up to 4X more capacity, 3X faster speeds, and lower power usage
  • Tri-Band Technology reduces network inteference
  • Superior Cybersecurity enabled by NETGEAR Armor network protection

Netgear ORBI

Strong performance and solid connectivity

Free Shipping AU Wide

Australia wide free shipping on most of the Netgear Orbi mesh wifi range.

Shipping Insurance 

No need to worry about courier mistakes anymore. Our reliable shipping comes with insurance and signature on delivery.

Whole Home Mesh WiFi

No more dead zones, dropped connections, or buffering.

Best-in-class WiFi

Cover every square inch of your home with smooth, reliable, best-in-class WiFi.

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Limitless Connectivity

Orbi expands your network by over 930 sq. metres or more. The combination of blazing fast WiFi 6 and increased capacity for up to 100 devices means you won't have to worry about speed or dropouts.

Expand your smart home, stream movies in crystal clear 8K and move from one side of your house to another. It's all seamless and effortless with NETGEAR Orbi.

netgear orbi powerful connectivity

Experts agree Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 is unbeatable.

tom's guide review for netgear orbi

Brian Nadel

"Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 (RBK852) takes its place at the top of the food chain, becoming one of the best [mesh systems] available"

forbes review for netgear orbi

Gordon Kelly

"[The Orbi RBK852 is] the fastest mesh system I’ve ever used. It also has the widest and highest quality coverage I’ve seen"

cnet review for netgear orbi

Ry Crist

"The Orbi RBK852 is the fastest and most impressive mesh router I’ve ever tested"