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Netgear Orbi

Trade-In Program

How It Works

We buy back your old Orbi routers and reimburse you with store credit. You can use your credit to upgrade to a newer, faster Orbi model with a hefty discount on our sale price.

Note: You can return Orbi routers purchased from any Australian authorised NETGEAR reseller (not just us). Please have a copy of your invoice ready, as we will check to confirm this.

netgear orbi mesh wifi 6 router

Learn more about Netgear Orbi.

Device Deal is the only authorised NETGEAR reseller to offer an Orbi Trade-In Program.

We accept Orbi returns from any Australian NETGEAR Authorised Reseller.

Step 1:

Send us your trade-in request.

Step 2:

Pack and send your Orbi cameras.

Step 3:

Receive store credit to spend!

Request Trade-In

  1. Send a request to our team using the form on the left.
  2. We'll confirm your trade-in request. After that, you can pack and send your Orbi routers back to us. You must receive a confirmation email before sending.
  3. Once we receive your items, you will be issued Device Deal store credit* to spend on an upgraded Orbi system!

*If you purchased a new Orbi router and then returned your one, we can issue you a refund for the amount of store credit you would receive. Your item must be received within 30 days after purchasing, and you must receive a confirmation email before sending.

Eligible Orbi Models

We accept the following Netgear Orbi* products for trade in:

$80 credit

Orbi RBS50Y

Orbi Mesh Range Extender

$80 credit

Orbi SRC60

Orbi Pro Ceiling Satellite

$150 credit

Orbi RBK23

AC2200 Mesh Wi-Fi System

$200 credit

Orbi RBK50

AC3000 Mesh Wi-Fi System

$200 credit

Orbi SRK60

AC3000 Orbi Pro

Ready to start? Send us your trade-in request.

*Orbi routers you wish to return must have been purchased from authorised NETGEAR resellers in Australia.