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The #1 choice for small businesses around the world.

Reliable, affordable and easy to use.



The #1 choice for small businesses around the world.

Reliable, affordable and easy to use.

netgear ethernet switch

What is an Ethernet Switch?

An Ethernet switch allows wired network devices, such as computers and printers, to communicate with each other. Each connected device can talk to the others. Switches offer numerous advantages including: connecting to dozens of devices, determine traffic priority, monitor usage, control network access to various parts of the network, and communicate within your network.

netgear ethernet switch

Benefits of Switches

Multiple Devices

Connect dozens of devices

Admin Features

Control your network


Scale as far as needed

Choosing the right switch

Should you choose an unmanaged, Smart Managed or Fully Managed switch?

netgear unmanaged switch

Unmanaged Switch

✔️ Plug & Play ✔️ Add Ports ✔️ No management

  • Add wired Ethernet ports to your home or business router
  • No management, no need for IT knowledge
  • Connect your home devices for faster speed (TV, Gaming console, Roku, PC, NAS, etc)

Unmanaged switches have one job: to enable cross-device communication.

Simply plug in your devices to the switch to be able to communicate between printers, computers and more.

For simple home office setups, they will most likely be all that people need.

However, unlike managed switches, they don't allow users to configure, monitor and adjust many of their settings.

netgear managed switch

Managed Switch

✔️ Heavy traffic ✔️ Scalability ✔️ Failover redundancy

  • Backbone for large networks with demanding apps and high speed requirement
  • Ideal in education, government, hospitality, large business

Managed switches give admins more control by allowing them to change settings.

For instance, you can disable ports, stop people from accessing your network, limit speed, use QoS features to prioritise traffic and more.

The cost of managed switches tends to be higher than unmanaged ones. Before purchasing, you should consider whether you need the extra features they offer. For businesses, it is often a necessity - but home users may not need them.

netgear smart managed switch

Smart Managed Switches

✔️ Security ✔️ Stacking ✔️ Higher bandwidth

  • Backbone for medium networks with demanding apps and high speed requirement
  • Expand network at a reasonable cost
  • Advanced Security (Access Control, DiffServ QoS policies, LACP Link Aggregation, Private VLANs, Denial of service protection)

Smart managed switches allow administrators to control data traffic and network transmissions. They often support management of QoS, VLANs, link aggregation and offer web management GUIs for easier navigation across settings.

However, they often do not allow management of advanced features such as IP multi-casting. 

They work great for small-to-medium businesses who want smart managed switches with more features than unmanaged ones.

netgear poe switch

PoE Switches

✔️ One cable for network and power ✔️ Convenient

  • Power devices with PoE models (WiFi, cameras, VoIP phones) with PoE controls per port

PoE Switches, or Power over Ethernet, are capable of providing both power and network connectivity via a single network cable.

This is a very convenient feature that helps you overcome the limitation of having to place your devices, whether they are security cameras, IP phones or any other devices, close to a power outlet.

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