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Netgear Orbi PRO

The ultimate business-grade WiFi

Orbi Pro WiFi 6 is a Tri-band business-grade mesh system built to provide your small business or home office with the ultimate WiFi coverage and performance.


NETGEAR Orbi Pro with WiFi 6 offers up to 3X faster speeds than your existing router. Tri-Band technology offers a dedicated backhaul connection, further improving speeds for multiple devices.


Less congestion for simultaneous web browsing, streaming and file transfers. Orbi Pro WiFi 6 provides 4X higher capacity, enabling businesses to scale their networks further without congestion.


Enterprise-level security without an enterprise budget. Orbi Pro WiFi 6 supports WPA3 wireless security protocols and includes VLAN management and 4 SSIDs for separate and secure admin, employee, guest and IoT networks.

Device Deal is a Netgear Authorised Reseller. We only sell the Australian version of Netgear Orbi products that are compliant to the Australian standards along with official Netgear warranty.

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