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Why Fanvil Phones?

Fanvil offers a highly focused product line in a new revolutionary concept. Some of the unique features that Fanvil products offer are:

  • Outstanding CPU speed and smooth performance.
  • Skype connectivity and three-way video conferencing.
  • Sophisticated and sleek user interfaces making it a high-end IP-based smart business phone.
  • Excellent Microsoft Exchange and Google connectivity, as well as comprehensive contact syncing.
  • Another distinctive feature is the way Fanvil displays users' completely synced calendars. Many people may choose to check calendars on their desk phones.
  • Quad CPU, huge high quality display, sensitive and quick touch screen, enough power and memory for extra programs, attractive phone interface software, and unique Fanvil approach to integration with Exchange and Google make this one of the most sophisticated and distinctive IP Phone product range on the market.

Why Buy Fanvil Products from Device Deal?

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Local Australian Support

Take advantage of Device Deal's local team of experts based in Melbourne. We are Australia's top VoIP Phones online retailer and our pre-sales team can guide you with the best solutions for your business.

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When you buy from Device Deal, rest assured that your purchased products are covered by a 100% genuine and legit Australian warranty from the manufacturer.

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Fanvil Authorised Reseller

Device Deal is a Fanvil Authorised Reseller. We are fully supported by Fanvil. This means that when you buy a Fanvil product from us, it will be a worry-free purchase, whether before or after the deal is done.

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