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Epson EcoTank

Say goodbye to cartridges.

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Epson EcoTank

Smarter eco-friendly printing.

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What is EcoTank?

An EcoTank printer is fundamentally different to most printers. Instead of cartridges, it features a large ink tank that you fill with ink from the included ink bottles.

From the start you have enough ink to print up to 14,000 pages* – that means both money and time are saved as you’re not frequently changing cartridges. The set up is simple, refilling is mess free and it’s reliable too, turning out page after page of quality prints.

EcoTank is inexpensive, costing less than half a cent for a black page. Thousands of pages can be printed before the tank needs to be refilled. Plus, EcoTank is easy-to-use and hassle-free.

EcoTanks also use Heat-Free Technology to deliver advanced customer benefits over laser and thermal inkjet technology. For complete peace of mind, customers enjoy a three-year warranty when you register your EcoTank with Epson.

2 years of ink included.

All EcoTank printers come with 2 years of free ink included.

2 years warranty.

Register with Epson to receive 2 years total of warranty.

Printing Freedom

No more running out of ink at critical moments.

Big Ink Tanks

Print thousands straight from the box.

Low Refill Cost

Replacement ink bottles from $14.99.

Epson ecotank printer

Print from your mobile.

Use the Epson iPrint app to conveniently print using your Wi-Fi network.

Printing Freedom

No more running out of ink at critical moments.

Big Ink Tanks

Print thousands straight from the box.

Low Refill Cost

Replacement ink bottles from $14.99.

Epson ecotank colour printer

Why choose EcoTank?

Here are three reasons why you should consider an EcoTank printer.

The cost of printer ink can be quite expensive, especially if you use a conventional home printer for business and personal use. 

You can save on long term costs of your printer by choosing the right printer for your needs. 

Each Epson EcoTank printer comes with two years’ worth of ink, which is equivalent to 284 standard ink cartridges (which normally cost around $4,900). The initial supply of ink should last roughly 14,000 black pages or 11,200 colour copies. 

Once this has been used, replacement ink starts from $14.99, working out at a cost of less than half a cent a page. Compared to standard inkjet printers where it works out to be around seven to eight cents per page (according to PC World), the savings are considerable. 

Epson EcoTank and other refillable ink printers are designed to save you money. Just comparing the upfront costs of a black Epson ink bottle with an equivalent cartridge from other leading providers, the refillable option comes out cheaper every time. 

Refillable ink bottles for EcoTanks also last quite a while, so there is no need to consider the ongoing cost of replacement.

Epson have made refilling your EcoTank as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Transferring ink is simple, with every Epson bottle having a drip-free nozzle and resealable cap. This reduces the risk of spills and leaks when the bottle is stored or refilled.

A highlight is the pressure mechanism that automatically stops ink from overfilling the tank once the ink tank is full. To top it off, refilling the Epson EcoTank printer ink only takes 30 seconds! Although it is advised that gloves are worn, just in case accidental spills happen.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your documents fade when ink is running low or waiting for the printer warning signs to indicate ink levels. EcoTanks will let you see which ink tanks are running low, so you can fill up before you print. 

The Epson refillable ink bottles are also easy to identify, having clearly marked colours on their labels, which match the corresponding ink tank on your printer.

Standard printers produce a lot of carbon emissions and wastage.

EcoTank does it differently by putting sustainability first. Heat-Free technology reduces energy consumption, while the refillable ink tanks can be filled as-needed, without having to throw away the whole ink cartridge. 

Even when printing large volumes, EcoTank requires very little power to operate.

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