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Save Up To 90% on the cost of Ink

What is EcoTank?

An EcoTank printer is fundamentally different to most printers – instead of cartridges it features a large ink tank that you fill with ink from the included ink bottles. From the start you have enough ink to print up to 14,000 pages* – that means both money and time are saved as you’re not frequently changing cartridges. The set up is simple, refilling is mess free and it’s reliable too, turning out page after page of quality prints.

At less than half a cent a black page ($0.004 to be precise), printing with EcoTank is inexpensive. Thousands of pages can be printed before the tank needs to be refilled with this easy-to-use and hassle-free cartridge-free printer.

EcoTank printers use Heat-Free Technology to deliver advanced customer benefits over laser and thermal inkjet technology and, for complete peace of mind, enjoy a three-year warranty when you register your EcoTank with Epson

Why Epson Ecotank? Top 7 reasons:

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save with epson ecotank
Less Expenditure

The cost of ink for your printer can be quite expensive, especially if you use a printer from home for business and personal use.
You can save on long term costs of your printer by removing some of these vexing components.

Each Epson Eco Tank printer comes with two years’ worth of ink which is equivalent to 284 standard ink cartridges, normally costing around $4,900.
From this initial supply of ink you can expect to print 14,000 black pages or 11,200 colour copies.

Once this has been used, replacement ink only cost $24.99, working out at a cost of less than half a cent a page.
Compared to standard inkjet printers where it works out to be around seven to eight cents per page (according to PC World), the savings are considerable.

Epson EcoTank and other refillable ink printers are designed to save you money.

Just comparing the upfront costs of a black Epson ink bottle with an equivalent cartridge from other leading providers, the refillable option comes out cheaper every time.
Other big name manufactures at Officeworks for a single black ink cartridge, with estimated printing capacity of 190 pages is $29.98.
Compared to the Epson EcoTank replacement ink bottle that prints considerably more pages, costs $5 less at the outset.

Refillable ink bottles like the EcoTank are permanent so there is no need to consider the ongoing cost of replacement.

ecotank is an easy operation printer
Operate with ease

Epson have made topping up your refillable EcoTank as easy and stress free a possible, every time:

No Mess

Epson have made transferring the ink easy and mess free with every Epson bottle having a drip free nozzle and resealable cap. This reduces the risk of spills and leaks both when stored or refilled.
The highlighted feature is a pressure mechanism that automatically stops ink from advancing once the ink tank is full.

Refilling the Epson EcoTank printer ink only takes 30 Seconds!

Epson advise that gloves are worn and slip paper underneath the tank as you transfer ink, because sometimes accidents do happen and it’s hard to clean off skin and surfaces.

No More Guessing

There is nothing more frustrating than having your documents fade when ink is running low or waiting for the printer warning signs to indicate ink levels.
There is no guessing with the EcoTank because you can see for yourself if you are running love which means your documents will never looked faded again!

Easy to Read Instructions

Each Epson refillable ink bottle is easy to identify with its uniquely colour keyed to correspond to the same demarcation on the device itself.

This means that you don’t need to fiddle around, getting ink on yourself because everything is easily identifiable. From start to finish this should only take 30 seconds.

epson ecotank is a top quality printer
Top Quality

The ink for refillable ink tank printers has been customed designed only to be used in that product, which means the quality is the best especially for high quality photographs and other intensive print jobs.

Epson EcoTanks use a PrecisionCore technology, which is a high-density print that produces up to 40 million precise dots per second with such accuracy that there are fewer imperfections and distortions on the completed task.

epson ecotank is enviromentally friendly
Environmentally Friendly

With the environmental crisis at the forefront of our minds, we must reduce our carbon footprint.
Often your printer isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but a standard printer produces a lot of wastage.

The Epson EcoTank has sustainability at its forefront by:

Using Heat-Free Technology to reduce energy consumption. It requires very little electricity to operate meaning even when printing large volumes, you are still being energy efficient.

Refillable ink tank printers require far less consumables meaning less ongoing waste associated with printing from home.

epson ecotank is an efficient printer

How frustrating can it be waiting for something to print when we are in a rush to be somewhere?
The Epson EcoTank is fast and comes out on top compared to similar products on the market.

save desk space with epson ecotank

Space is often the issue when choosing the right printer, refillable printers are often more compact in size and lighter in weight because of the ink tanks.
They are easy to find a spot for and with Wi-Fi connectivity can link up easily to your devices.

For example, the ET-2710 is 375mm (W) x 347mm (D) x 179mm (H) and weighs only 3.9 kg.

enjoy peace of mind with epson ecotank
Ease of Mind

The Epson EcoTank has a year return to base warranty, and if you choose to register your device with use this can easily be extended to two years.
Should the device not meet your high standards you will not be left out of pocket.

Unsure which Epson Printer is best for you?

Try our product recommendation tool!

Answer a few questions, and find the most suitable printer for you.

Most Popular Epson Ecotank Printers

Print from mobiles and more

There’s no need to be desk-bound anymore with Epson's range of multifunction EcoTanks with Wi-Fi. Printing from mobiles is now quick and easy, just send the items to print from your tablet or smartphone using Wi-Fi and a range of free mobile printing apps.

Epson iPrint App

Epson Creative Print App

Print from Facebook

Email Print

Refillable ink tanks in the Epson range

Epson has several EcoTank printers, meaning there is something to suit everyone’s needs.  The feature of supplying two years ink out of the box means there is no wait to print.  Other features included in some models are:

  • Double sided printing – using less paper means being more environmentally friendly and cuts costs.
  • Auto document feeding - Models ET-4700 and ET-4750 feature ADF technology. This means no more standing by the printer to feed through large documents when printing or scanning.
  • LCD screens – LCD screens are available on some of our models and make printing easier to navigate. Our large model the ET-16500, where the LCD screen is a whopping 4.3 inches in size

By now you will see how revolutionary refillable ink printers are, especially in the home printer market.  They are environmentally friendly, cut costs and time, and are the answer to Australian’s printer problems.  Want to know more about Epson’s range of EcoTank printers?  Get in touch with our friendly team today so they can match you with a printer to best suit your needs.

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