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Desktop ComputersWelcome to DeviceDeal Desktops Category. We offer one of the largest ranges of Desktops in Australia. Explore our product range that covers various different user groups such as home users, gamers, designers and business users.

Desktops Category

Welcome to DeviceDeal Desktop Category. We offer one of the largest ranges of Desktops in Australia. Explore our product range that covers various different user groups such as home users, gamers, designers and business users.

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Shop Desktops By Brand

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Reasons to buy a desktop computer.

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a desktop computer. If you are looking for a powerful processing chip with extensive memory and storage capacity, desktop computers will provide you with the best to offer in that area. Opting for a more advanced option will provide you with optimum flexibility for configuration upgrades and incorporating peripherals. Expanding or exchanging your storage is as easy as exchanging your hard drive or adding an external hard drive that will store your heavier content such as videos, audio files, and digital images. This option gives you the flexibility to move your content much easier between computers. It is also optimal if you are interested in display capabilities such as upgrading your video graphics card to improve gaming performance and obtain a more consistent video streaming. These two features are essential if you use music or video editing software, the ability to add storage and availability of extra graphic power will make your creative process smoother and effective.

For families, desktop computers are an ideal alternative. Due to their flexibility and durability they can last longer and perform better for extended periods of time. Because they are not mobile, they are less likely to be subjected to major damages, which decreases the repair cost and duration significantly. Adding to that their accommodation for larger monitors and the ability to add multiple monitors, providing the family with easy sharing options.

Why should you buy an all-in-one computer?

What is an all-in-one computer? It is a computer that is self-contained, all-inclusive packaged in a small, streamlined, high-tech shell in which all the circuitry built into its monitor or base. Such computers consist of a mouse and a keyboard, often wireless, while some models offer a touch-screen experience. These computers are slower and less powerful due to their mobile components with limited upgradability options compared to the desktop computers. This option is suitable for many users who find these computers enough to satisfy their needs. This is especially true for users who prefer computers that are easier to transfer with a small footprint, minimal clutter and a quick and easy set-up.

How to Choose your Style:

The first thing you need to think about when choosing your computer is to identify your needs. What are you going to use the computer for? How much time do you intend to spend using your computer? What is your budget?

For example, if you are a high school or university student and your main activities include surfing the internet, exchanging emails, using social media, basic Microsoft Office and Power PowerPoint use; then an all in-one-computer is a better option for you.

If you are planning to store and stream music or videos, perform more complex tasks on spreadsheet, or larger presentations and Microsoft Word files in addition to what we previously mentioned, you can choose any of these two options. You just need to make sure to find a computer with the right capacity and processing speed to accommodate your activities.

If you are into gaming, use sophisticated photo and video editing software, produce complicated and detailed graphs; then a desktop computer would probably provide the power and peripherals flexibility your tasks require.

How to Get the Most Out of Your All-in-One/Desktop Computer?

Regardless of the style you’re going to choose, all-in-one computer or desktop, these additional accessories are important to optimise your computers potential and efficiency.

Choosing the right computer desk that accommodates your hardware and provides an easy to access layout is crucial to provide you with a streamlined workspace. Pay attention to your surroundings and make sure your desk fits well with décor.

Do not forget to consider your needs. If you’re a serious gamer you will benefit from good quality headphones with built-in microphone. You might also need a special gaming mouse and keyboard.

If your work demands using multiple software or managing several tasks at the same time, an additional monitor will make your job easier and save your valuable time.

Choosing the right addition to your computer set-up is completely dependent on your own circumstances and professional requirements. Therefore, it is important to take the time to figure out what you need and invest in the right accessory/equipment.

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