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Laptop Accessories

With the ever-evolving landscape of modern technology, it is important that we choose the appropriate accessories for our devices to compliment them and assist productivity.

Whether you’re a student, a traveling businessman or working from home, we are confident that you will discover the many uses of our wide range of laptop accessories. Not only can they help with your work efficiency, but they also make great gifts! With many people finding themselves now working from home due to COVID-19, now is the perfect time to optimise your home set up.

In this guide, we will discuss a number of different laptop accessories and gadgets which can significantly increase your productivity, making it easier, efficient and convenient to work with.

Continue reading to determine whether one or more one of these accessories need to be added to your collection:


An essential for all things sound. Whether for Skype calls or just grooving to your favourite tunes, a great pair of headphones can transform anyone’s listening experience. With so many options available with different things to offer it may be difficult to come to a decision.

So, what do you need to consider when picking your ideal pair of headphones? Well firstly, you’ll want to think about the purpose of these headphones and the type they will need to be. The main form factors types are in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones, these can offer different levels of comfort and experience. You’ll also want to consider the functionality of the headphones, whether they’re wired or wireless or whether they need other features such as digital assistant support. Be cautious of cheap headphones as they won’t provide the quality or longevity that more expensive headphones will offer. 

laptop accessories headphones
laptop accessories laptop bag

Laptop Bags

If you need to take your work on the go a good laptop bag will be helpful in carrying your device along with its accessories with the freedom of mobility.

You’ll want to find a protective bag or case that’s lasting and is suitable for carrying around the home, office or during your travels. There are many styles of bags and cases available many have additional storage pockets and safety padding to protect against bumps and scratches.

Keep these things in mind before purchasing any of them:

  • Ensuring the bag or case is big enough for your laptop
  • It should hold a lot of stuff, at least what you require to carry.
  • They should be durable and water resistant for carrying in the rain
  • They should look good and protect your laptops.

External/Portable Hard Disks

As technology evolves, so does our storage requirements. In the past many people would find that small USB sticks up to 8gb provided plenty of space for their requirements. However, as content demand has risen along with its quality such as 4K, it has caused an unprecedented rise in demand for larger hard drives to keep all our precious data.

 An external hard drive will act as a measure to provide backups of your work. On top of this it also allows you to free space on your internal drive which will result in better performance from your laptop. Additionally, it is an excellent safety net if your laptop is damaged or stolen or your internet cloud storage is compromised.

A hard disk is used for storing data that can’t be stored on your laptops or Desktops. Using an external hard drive or portable SSD is important if you want to take backup of your laptop or store your other data.

Look for these features before you buy any one of them.

  • Speed — You should consider not only the type of interface (USB 2, USB 3, eSATA) but also rotation speeds in mechanical HDDs. SSD’s are much faster than regular hard drives as there are no moving parts
  • Security — Many hard drives provide security features such as encryption, or include software that assists with security
  • Durability — You don’t want to be replacing these devices regularly, so it is worth checking the durability of the brand, Lacie is known to sell highly durable hard drives
laptop accessories external hard disk
laptop accessories power bank

Portable Charging Banks / Power Banks

There are many different types and sizes of power banks with different technologies. It’s important to get one that’s right for you so you’re not left stranded with a dead laptop when you need it most. Avoid the cheaper ones as they tend to lose charge quickly and can heat up rapidly.

Before you buy a power bank:

  • check for the mAh capacity
  • Look for the type of cells — Lithium-ion or Lithium. Li-ion is cheap and easily available. While Li-poly cells are costly and provide more charging capacity per unit weight.
  • Always buy from trusted and reputed brand.

Laptop Stands, Lap Desks & Coolers

If you want to work on a laptop while sitting on your bed, then the lap desk will be the right choice for you. It protects our body from heat generated by the laptop.

Overheating fatigues your notebook quickly. You may prolong the life and performance of your laptop with this easy-to-find notebook accessory. Usually quite affordable, a cooling pad helps keep your laptop running smoothly when juggling tasks and tabs on the go.

Follow these points to find the best laptop stand for you.

  • You should choose a lap desk that pops up the laptop screen at an angle that helps you to maintain the right back and neck posture when you are working.
  • If you like to carry your lap desk along with your laptop to your workplace then it is best to choose a lightweight and foldable desk that takes up minimal space and is easy to set up.
  • You should also ensure that your laptop sits comfortably on the lap desk.
laptop accessories cooler
laptop accessories keyboard wireless

Wireless Keyboards

Bluetooth or a wireless keyboard is a kind of laptop keyboard that allows the user to communicate with devices like computers, tablets or laptops with the help of radiofrequency, infrared or Bluetooth technology. There are different types of wireless keyboards available in the market with different specifications and features. You should consider choosing the one according to your need.

Wireless Mice

For laptops – for mobility, you should use a Bluetooth or wireless mouse. Some of them are not so expensive. You can also buy a mousepad along with any wireless mouse. They are ultra-thin and their precise surface helps improve the performance of the optical mouse. A mouse pad gives better traction and a more precise cursor movement for a mouse than a normal surface. These mousepads are rubber or plastic cushion with plastic or textured surface. Moreover, some mouse pads include a cushion for the user’s hand or wrist. The mousepads come in a wide variety of styles and sizes which are designed for better performance and durability.

laptop accessories wireless mouse
laptop accessories laptop lock

Laptop Locks

It is a lock for the laptops whenever you are in the office and you cannot take your laptop all the time with you. You can use the cable lock, there is a cable from which you can lock the laptop and there is also one lock from which you can lock the laptop.

USB Adapters (Hubs & Docks)

USB hubs are devices that allow you to connect multiple USB-powered devices to a single laptop or computer device. You just attach them to your laptop then you instantly get multiple working USB ports.

This is ideal for users who need to connect multiple devices to a single computer. Let’s face it, two or three ports isn’t enough for most people.

There are generally two types of USB hubs: powered and non-powered.

  • Powered USB hubs are devices that generate their own power from an electric socket. That means the number of devices you attach does not rely on your laptop’s battery power.
  • Meanwhile, non-powered USB hubs generate power from your laptop’s USB port. This means the number of devices you attach is limited because it relies on your laptop’s battery power.

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