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Yealink Headsets

One in every 500 people on earth owns or is using a Yealink product.

Yealink Authorized Online Reseller
A woman using Yealink Headphones in office

1/3 Investment

Headset will be the strategic product line in Yealink, there will be 30% of total R&D investment on Headset product line

20+ Years

20+ years experience on audio communication technology.

  • Audio Cancelation Technology
  • Sound Technolog

200+ Customers

Researched 200+ customers in 15+ countries to study and understand all headset requirements.

  • User Experience
  • Feature Requirement

8+ Years

7+ years experience on wireless technology, 9+ DECT products released.

  • DECT Wireless Technology
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology

50+ Months

40+ months headset market research & analyze, technology development.

  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacture

1000+ Head Styles

1000+ head styles globally in database of Yealink to find out the best wearing experience.

  • Wearing Comfortable
  • ID Design & Materials

Yealink HeadSetProducts

Yealink Bluetooth Headset

Yealink Bluetooth Headset

(Co-working Spaces / Home Office / Private Office / On-the-go)

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DECT Wireless Headsets

DECT Wireless Headsets

(Office/Call Centric/Work from Home)

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RJ/QD Wired Headsets

RJ/QD Wired Headsets

(Office/Call Centric)

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USB Wired Headsets

USB Wired Headsets

(Office/Call Centric/Work from Home)

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Yealink’s partnership and broad compatibility with major platforms and service providers enable customers to benefit from seamless integration, greater flexibility and productivity.

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World-Class Voice Quality


Applied industry-leading audio technologies, Yealink Headset Series deliver an extremely clear audio experience without any distractions even in some noisy environment to ensure high concentration and ideal productivity in daily work.

Acoustic ShieldAcoustic Shield Technology

Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology ensures distraction-free audio quality in daily calling with a virtual shield created by multiple microphones, to ensure you’ve been heard clearly.

Dynamic Active Nosie4 Dynamic Active Nosie Cancellation

Intelligent dynamic ANC, including four modes(ANC level medium, ANC level high, Talk transparent, and Fully Transparent), brings customizable noise cancellation adjustment in different environments for a more suitable and comfortable active noise cancellation effect.

Hi-FiHi-Fi Level Audio Codec aptX

Adopted Hi-Fi level audio codec aptX delivers pure and delicate sound with less distortion, lower noise floor, and intricate details of high-quality music.

People First Design


Before being the best professional headsets to enhance productivity, concentration & collaboration in the office, Yealink Headsets firstly determines to become the headsets comfortable enough for all-day wearing. Without the consideration of wearing comfort, everything is nothing.

Acoustic ShieldAll-day-wearing Comfort

The ergonomic lightweight design of Yealink Headset Series ensures enough comfort for long conference calls and all day use.

Dynamic Active NosieFuture-Standard Design

Beyond what we regularly consider in the design, like a good look or some hot fashion, the Yealink Headset Series do it from the view of the future but now, which means to design every product basing its users’ future demands and scenarios, covering both style needs and user needs. When you wear it, you win both elegance and confidence.

Hi-FiHi-Fi Level Audio Codec aptX

Adopted Hi-Fi level audio codec aptX delivers pure and delicate sound with less distortion, lower noise floor, and intricate details of high-quality music.

Yealink Headsets used by a lady
Yealink bluetooth headphones

Recommended Users: Chief Executive / Manager / SOHO / Business Traveler

Recommended Scenarios: Hybrid Work / On-the-go / Home Office / Private Office / Hot Desking

Workstyle Preference: Hybrid Worker / Intelligent / Flexible / Concentrated

The Yealink BH7X Bluetooth Headset Series, which includes the entry-level BH72 Bluetooth headset and the ANC one BH76, is a series of new standard headsets that have a highly compact design and cutting-edge voice technologies.

They are dedicated to empowering users in work and casual scenarios with strong voice capabilities, a wide range of UC features, and a stylish wearing experience as brand new headset for hybrid workers of the future.

Yealink bluetooth headsets used by a man and a woman in office

Recommended Users: Chief Executive / Manager / SOHO

Recommended Scenarios: Home Office / private Office / Hot Desking

Workstyle Preference: Intelligent, Flexible, Seamless

The Yealink premium DECT Wireless Headsets WH66 & WH67 X UC Workstation give users the possibility and flexibility to connect devices and manage communications from a single device, and also act as a hub that integrates a full-duplex speakerphone, fast charging wireless mobile phone dock, 4-inch touch console, and high-speed USB hubs which, together offer an incredible set of features allowing you to meet, connect and collaborate seamlessly and intelligently.

Recommended Users: General Staff / Receptionist / Call Center Operator

Recommended Scenarios: Home Office / Open Office / Call Center / Co-Working Space

Workstyle Preference: Efficient, Simplified, Productive

With the Yealink Essential DECT Wireless Headsets WH62 & WH63, interruptions will no longer be an issue for users who want to stay focused at work, especially with the use of the Yealink branded Busylight, providing a visual cue and indicator that help to reduce distractions and eliminate interruptions. Plus, with Yealink DECT technology, users can move around the office without losing their calls, with up to 160 meters’ mobile range and up to 14-hour talk time, which brings greater flexibility to your daily communication.

Yealink wireless headphone in office used by an employee
UH38 Yealink

Recommended Users: Manager / Call center professional / general staff

Recommended Scenarios: Home Office / Private Office / Hot Desking / Remote Working

Workstyle Preference: Stable / Concentrated

The Yealink UH38 USB Wired Headset Series, including Mono & Dual two styles, is the premium level USB headset with peerless innovative designs and technologies, tailored for all office users and remote workers with a stably immersive voice experience.

From voice quality to connection availability, from wearing comfort to calling features, UH38 all strives for excellence to create more inspiring moments for empowered professionals.

Yealink Wireless Headsets in action

Recommended Users: Call Center Professional / General Staff

Recommended Scenarios: Call Center / Office Room / Remote Working

Workstyle Preference: Comfortable / Efficient

The Yealink UH Headset Series is specially designed for unified communication, office, and call center professionals, featuring high-quality audio, exceptional wearing comfort, proven integration of Yealink IP phone and device management platform, ensures your every conversation is a great experience.

Recommended Users: Call Center Professionals / General Staff / Yealink SIP Phone User

Recommended Scenarios: Call Center / Office Room / Remote Working

Comfortable / Highly Device Integrated

The Yealink YHS Headset Series are professional analog wired headsets to facilitate conversations with seamless compatibility with Yealink Phones. The ergonomic design and soft leather ear cushions make the series comfortable enough for long all-day use.

Yealink BH72 Series Videos

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