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Best Computer Monitors Screens
Best Computer Monitors Screens for PC

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The best computer monitors in 2023

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Understanding monitor options:

In the technology world, televisions appear to have stolen the limelight from computers. We’re all familiar with advertisements boasting full HD televisions screens, 3D technology, and even 4K Ultra HD graphics that will make your team’s next football match “unforgettable”. But many people are unaware of similar – if not even more exciting – advancements in the field of computer monitor technology.

A brand-new, wide-screen, crystal-clear monitor will completely transform the way that you use and enjoy your computer. Whether you work from a laptop or desktop, are an avid gamer or simply enjoy browsing the web, computer monitors are now capable of beautiful, bold graphics and gorgeous detail that will bring your computer experience to the next level.

Choosing the best monitor:

Once you have decided to invest in a new computer monitor, it’s hard to know where to begin. With many different models, shapes, sizes, and specs, many people feel overwhelmed by their options – and understandably so. But DeviceDeal is dedicated to helping you understand exactly what’s on the market. Let’s break down the various monitor display types and get you one step closer to choosing the perfect monitor for your needs.

Types of monitors:

The industry standard for monitor displays is LCD technology, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD screens provide clear, crisp graphics in a competitive price range, making them affordable for most buyers.

A step up from these are LED monitors. LED also uses a type of LCD technology, but these monitors have the added advantage of backlighting, which adds significant vibrance to your computer’s display. LCD monitors use less electricity, too, and are sleeker and more compact than their basic LED counterparts.

On the top tier we have IPS, or In-Plane Switching monitors. These ultra-high-tech monitors boast brilliant colours, higher contrast, and wider viewing angles than any other monitor type on the market. They are the best choice for anyone who enjoys using their computer for highly visual, immersive tasks, such as using the Adobe suite or serious gaming.

The touchscreen alternative:

Finally, there is a new, completely unique type of screen on the market. We’re used to logging into Facebook at the click of a button, but how about at the touch of a finger? Touchscreens have recently migrated from mobile phones and portable gaming consoles to computer monitors, and while they haven’t quite hit the mainstream yet, touchscreen computers have a number of great advantages that you should definitely consider. They’re great for gaming and digital content creation, and are relatively low-maintenance – they just need a quality screen protector and a quick wipe-down every so often to keep them in top shape.