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Internal Hard Drives

Internal hard drives are installed inside a computer or laptop to handle data storage and to install computer operating systems onto. There are several different types of internal hard drives that are built for specific purposes such as surveillance, data storage or general use. Internal Hard Drives are generally the largest capacity of drive ranging from 1TB to 16TB. DeviceDeal has a range of hard drives to suit your every need and the information to help you make an informed buying decision.

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Internal Hard Drive Buying Tips

Desktop Hard Drive

This series of discs are high capacity and high-performance discs being designed to for a balance of read and write speeds. This is the type of drive to select if you are looking for a standard desktop computer hard drive and are designed to be used for shorter periods of time.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Hard DriveNAS hard drives are a robust drive, with balanced read/write capabilities like desktop hard drives but built for sustained 24/7 use. They are generally used in NAS storage devices and often part of a group of discs called a RAID Array. These discs are hardy, reliable and recommended for backup and storage use.

Surveillance Hard Drive

This class of drive are uniquely designed for heavy writing of data and not for reading. Optimised to record from security and surveillance cameras, they are not recommended for NAS or Desktop computer use. If you are looking to record data onto a hard disk for storage, this is the type of disc for you.

Enterprise Hard Drive.

These disks are suited for constant high speed read/write and 24/7 use, usually in servers, storage and production devices. The common feature in all enterprise class drives is their high reliability through the use of high-quality build materials. They are also generally in higher capacities and have a longer expected life span and warranty due to the high build quality

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