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Hard Drive and Storage

Welcome to DeviceDeal’s Hard Drive and Storage Section. Here we will guide you on the different storage options available to you, offer information and recommendations in our Hard Drives Buying Guide to help make your research or shopping experience positive.

Hard Drive and Storage

Welcome to Device Deal’s Hard Drive and Storage Section. Here we will guide you on the different storage options available to you, offer information and recommendations to help make your research or shopping experience positive.

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Hard Drives Buying Guide

What Does a Hard Drive Do?

To put it simply, a hard drive is responsible for storing our digital data and content. From documents, spreadsheets and applications to music, videos and games, every computer, laptop, phone and tablet requires some form of storage. Hard Drives can be internal (inside your device) or attached to your device externally via a cable or even wireless connection.

What Is the Best Hard Drive Size?

Hard Drive size requirements depend on what they are going to be used for. Perhaps you need a smaller fast drive to run an operating system which an SSD would be perfect. You may need to store photos and music, which are larger files, generally you would use a single large hard drive. However, when you need to backup multiple devices, store large amounts of data and keep your data safe and secure, you may need a Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Can Hard Drives and NAS work on both PC and Mac?

In some cases, hard drives can be formatted to work on a PC or MAC when you purchase them however hard drives and NAS can be easily formatted to work with both PC and MAC.

How important is the speed of a hard drive?

We can start with what does the speed of the hard drive mean. For most drives, they have internal parts that spin, the speed of the spin determines how quickly the hard drive can read data from the drive. For Faster speeds mean faster accessing of data which means your computer will load programs and applications faster. Hard Drive speed is measured in rotations per minutes or RPM. It makes sense that the faster the drive, the better results you will get.

Should I Choose an Internal or External Drive?

Often the mobility requirements of your data determine what type of hard drive you need. If you need to be able to take your data with you between home and work or when you travel, an external drive is best. If you don’t plan on moving the drive around, it’s safer and more reliable to your data stored on an internal hard drive. 

Why do I need Data Backup?

A hard drive stores your important data, but what if that hard drive fails or your data is somehow accidently deleted? Storing all your data on one single drive creates a risk that you could lose your data which can be extremely expensive to recover if it’s possible at all. A backup is a copy of your data, which means if you lose data, you can get it back from your backup. It’s a good idea to use a combination of internal and external hard drives or NAS to both store and backup your data.

Does a NAS come with hard drives built in?

Most NAS are sold diskless, meaning hard drives need to be purchased separately. This is because there are many brands, types and sizes of hard drives to choose from. Selecting your own hard drives allows you to customise your device to suit your specific requirements and allowing you to only pay for exactly what you need.

What if I still need more help?

Device Deal’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help. We understand that its confusing given the amount of widely varied choices on the market. You can give us your scenario, requirements or problem you are trying to solve, and we’ll recommend the right drive for you.

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