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Epson Scanners

Welcome to DeviceDeal's Epson Scanners Category. Explore our wide range of Epson scanners and read about the various advantages of Epson scanners. Epson scanners offer top quality features for your home or office needs.


Epson is a market leader is imaging with a focus on innovation and quality Epson’s Scanners are backed by experienced pre and post sales teams, local service and warranty support and boast some of best scanners for both home and office use. Epson focus on three main categories, Home and Pro Photo Scanners, Business Document Scanners and Large Format Scanners:

Home and Pro Photo Scanners

Whether you are a professional photographer or just part time photo enthusiast, Epson’s wide range of photo scanners will have a suitable option for you. Ideal for digitizing slides, negatives or prints. With speeds up to 1 photo per second, resolutions up to 4800 x 9600dpi you can get your photos scanned fast, in great quality and in the right order. Commercial photo scanning can cost upwards of $400 per 1000 scans meaning your investment can quickly become a money saver, at the same time as you being in control of your own scanning.

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Document Scanners

Document scanners have evolved with new technologies allowing them to be wireless, portable and faster. With print speeds ranging from 25-35 pages per minute for entry level models and up to 95 pages per minute for top of the range models Epson has a model to suit every business’s needs.

WorkForce Range Popular Features:

-  Scan directly to popular cloud services

-  Wireless, mobile options for travelling staff

-  Ability to scan to PDF software included

-  Ability to connect to document management software

-  Auto Feeding

-  Single Pass though double sided scanning

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Large Format Scanners

This is an area of huge advancement with architects, engineers and planners able to scan up to A3 at high resolutions and up to 70 pages per minute.

-  Scan directly to popular cloud services

-  Powerful Software bundled with the hardware.

-  Ability to scan to PDF software included

-  Ability to connect to document management software

-  Auto Feeding

-  Single Pass though double sided scanning

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Three important features when choosing a scanner are the scan resolution, colour depth and scanning speed. We’ll run through what each of these features mean and how they may be important when deciding which device best suits your requirements.


Image resolution is th emost important metric for a scanner. Scanner resolution is measured in the number of dots per inch (DPI) that the scanner can capture. The higher the DPI, the more detailed is the scanned image. Low resolution settings are adequate for  greyscale or black and white documents. On the other side, photographs or detailed images require higher resolution.

In case you need to scan an image or a document just to share it via email, 300 DPI will be enough. If it is important for you to keep the posssibility to enlarge the image or the hoto, then you’ll want to use a higher resolution, according to the image size you would like to access.

Image resolution is based on two values: the digital value and the optical value. The optical value is the maximum number of dots per inch that a scanner can physically capture. If the scanner hardware is powerful, the optical value is higher. On the other hand, the digital resolution is based on the digital capabilities of the scanner, as it receives the image in the maximum DPI the scanner hardware has already captured, and adds artificial information to the image by digitally manipulating it.

Colour Depth

The amount of colour information -in bits per pixel- that can be captured by the scanner is called the Colour depth. The higher the colour depth, the more colour information varity and detail you will achieve. The increase in colour depth will also lead to an increase in overall file size.

Just like in the resolution, there are two colour depth factors in the world of scanners: The interal colour depth rating and the external colour depth rating. The internal colour depth is the amount of colour the scanner’s hardware can actually capture, while the external colour depth is the level of colour information the scanner can deliver to the computer.

Scanner speed

Scanner speed is an obvious factor. It's the speed that the scanner can capture an image and deliver to the computer. The speed of any scanner varies according to the quality of the image that you decide in the scan settings. A low resolution grayscale or black and white scan should be fast, but scanning an big size photo in high resolution will take longer time.


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