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Epson Printers and Scanners

Epson has always been a pioneer in developing cutting edge technology printers and scanners. It has a long history of developing some of the most advanced super precise printing and scanning technologies.

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Where there is business,

there is EPSON.

Epson Monochorme Printers

Epson has always been a leading global manufacturer of imaging products such as printers and scanners.

In May 2019 Epson announced the EcoTank® Monochrome printer which is an all-in-one, cartridge-free printer capable of offering high quality sharp text, precise image detail, and huge savings for high-volume black and white printing.

Around three years earlier, in October 2016 Epson introduced the FastFoto high speed photo scanning system. This state-of-the-art photo scanner coupled with its brilliant software can scan and save your valuable photos and organise them in a collection in a innovatie time saving way (watch video),

Epson announced the  release of the WorkForce Series powered by PrecisionCore®technology in 2014. The WorkForce series features all-in-ones and printers with leading-edge printhead technology capable of offering better performance when compared to laser printers.

Epson also unveiled the new EcoTank line of Supertank all in one printers featuring a very economical and convenient ink replacement technique. 

Epson PrecisionCore
Epson Stylus Colour 800 selected by NASA for STS-95

Historically, many of the innovations and inventions in the printing world emerged from Epson. 

In 1994 Epson developed the the Epson Stylus Color which was the first 720 dpi color inkjet printer in history. Two years later, in 1996 it deveoped the six-color photo quality printer (EPSON Stylus® Color Photo) which was a big step forward in the world of photo printing.

In 1993 Epson introduced the Stylus 800, the first inkjet printer equipped with MicroPiezo technology invented earlier by Epson. This technology made it possible to print with minimized heat emissions. In 1998 Epson Stylus Colour 800 was selected by NASA for STS-95 space shuttle mission.

Epson has always been a leader in developing ground–breaking printers and scanners such as the world’s first 720 Dots Per Inch colour inkjet printer.

Epson successfully continued to offer the world cost effective, convenient and reliable printers and scannes that are suitable for both home and office needs. Recognised for its high resoultion, high image quality, high printing speeds and high yield cartridges, Epson printers, scanners and ink are your best solution for higher efficieny and lower cost.

Epson Stylus Colour
Epson EP-101 Printer

Epson was founded in 1975, relying on the successful  EP-101 printer — the world’s first ever mini digital printer that could print symbols and figures. This printer soon dominated the market. The history of this product, however, can actually be traced back to the sixties when it was first developed while trading under different name within the Seiko group. 

Since its founding, Epson printers and scanners have always been the smart solution for both home and office use.

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